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        About us
          Wear Resistant Materials Co., Ltd. Maanshan is a powerful set of production, processing, distribution and wholesale of a limited liability company, grinding ball, grinding section, liner, low chromium alloy and high chromium alloy is strong wear-resistant materials Co., Ltd. Maanshan the main product. Maanshan strong wear-resistant materials Co., Ltd. is a registered by the r...
        Contact Info


        Address:  Dangtu County Maanshan Industrial Zone, Danyang Town, West Side 5

        General Manager: Zuchang Li
        Tel : 0086-555-6872598

        Mobile number: 0086-13805559416
        Fax : 0086-555-6873500

        E-mail:  25380941@qq.com
        Zip Code:  243000

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        What's new
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        Environment Show
          The Company relies on its efficient and flexible management system, adhere to "quality refinement, advanced technology and perfect service, brand strategy," the quality, full of "exploration, innovation, quality, efficient" spirit. We are going all out to listen and respond to the needs of the market will be more and better products to the society so that our clie...